Please note this is not an approved list per the FDA or the DEA. CBD remains a schedule 1 drug according to the DEA.

Main Side Effects of CBD Oil

A typical Hemp plant contains two essential elements, mainly known as CBD and THC. These components have the same roots; however, both possess different traits due to which they create entirely different effects on humans.

THC, for example, combines itself with CB1 receptors present in the brain. This collision creates a ‘stoned feeling’ that most people experience when they consume a cannabis plant.

Contrary to this element, CBD interacts quite positively with the CB2 receptor. As a result of this, it does not create a psychoactive effect. As compared to THC, CBD is said to have a neutral effect. This is the reason why CBD oil (extracted from the hemp plant) has been widely recommended for medical use all over the world.

On one side, there are many positive benefits of this component; however, CBD Oil Contraindications cannot be ignored. There are certain potential CBD side effects that you need to be aware of. In this article, we will mainly focus on some of the main CBD oil contraindications.

First, we will discuss some positive traits and then we’ll proceed to the contraindications.

Characteristics of CBD

Research has proven that CBD oil is very beneficial and it is considered as a safe drug for different treatment purposes.

Positive Traits

  • Acts as an Antioxidant
  • Used as an Antiemetic (anti-nausea)
  • Contains Anti-Tumoral Properties (anti-cancer)
  • Works as an Anticonvulsant (anti-vomiting)

What Else?

It is commonly referred by doctors as a natural anti-depressant. Furthermore, CBD is also used as a Neuroprotective agent specifically for stroke treatment (in other words it helps the brain).

What are some of the Possible Risks?

There are no prominent risks involved when it comes to consuming CBD. However, this does not mean that it there are no CBD side effects at all.

One common CBD oil contraindication is a feeling of constant tiredness. In addition to that, there have been reports of some people suffering from diarrhea as well. Moreover, a few people have also observed a significant loss in their weight (sometimes not considered a bad thing by most).

How does CBD effect our endocannabinoid system?

Our endocannabinoid system regulates the body’s homeostasis for a number of adjacent systems. These include mood, anxiety, sleep, appetite as well as the immune system. All these systems face constant fluctuations due to external factors. To solve this problem, the endocannabinoid system creates an equilibrium required by our body.

It is advised to take CBD oil in moderate quantities so that it does not disturb our natural balance.

Be Careful While Consuming

According to an estimate, it is safe to consume CBD oil on a regular basis. However, care is recommended after consulting by a doctor.

Other possible side effects are as follows:

It tends to creates tremor in some Parkinson’s Patients

Some early researchers found out that if CBD is taken in high doses, it might create significant problems for Parkinson’s disease patients. There is a fair possibility that it may affect tremor and muscle movement to a great level.

Some people suggest that if you reduce the intake, it might help to lessen the effects as well. It is better to take necessary guidance from your doctor before beginning your daily dose.

Low blood pressure on a daily basis

If you take more than the required dose of CBD; it might drop your blood pressure to an increasingly low level. Here, the alarming situation is that a reaction like this might occur within minutes after the intake. In such case, you should reduce consuming your blood pressure medications and call 911.

Forms a sense of lightheadedness

The low blood pressure situation mentioned above is sometimes linked to creating a sense of lightheadedness as well. The good news is that this effect is temporary. Most of the times this feeling goes away after you consume a cup of tea or coffee.

Recurring feeling of Drowsiness

No matter for what purpose you are taking CBD, if you are consuming extra quantity or doses, you might suffer from frequent drowsiness. In a situation like this, you should not drive your vehicle or operate any machinery.

It is best to discuss this situation with your doctor. The reason is the same CBD oil can act as a wake-inducing agent if used appropriately.

Dry Mouth even after enough intake of water

After consuming CBD, sometimes the mouth becomes dry and you might feel an unpleasant odor. It happens after the interference of the endocannabinoid system that slows down saliva secretions.


According to a research conducted in 2006, there are enough cannabinoid receptors that are present in the submandibular glands. The receptors are responsible for creating saliva. After these are activated they modify salivary production, which causes mouth dryness (dry mouth).

Reticence of Metabolism Occurs

Cannabidiol has the tendency to interact with a number of pharmaceuticals. This is due to the fact that it shows some similar qualities as that of a few liver enzymes, commonly known as cytochrome P450. You may also notice decreased activities of p-glycoprotein.

Things to Consider:

This series of pharmaceuticals is typically used to treat humans. In case someone consumes regular doses of CBD, it will neutralize the activity of P450 enzymes even for the time being. This very action is considered as a minor CBD side effect.

In order to resolve this situation, you may eat grapefruits. This action will regulate the metabolism in the body especially for liver enzymes.

What Else?

Some of you might already be taking some effective pharmaceutical drugs. However, if you wish to switch to CBD oil then you should have sound knowledge about all the complexities that come with CBD and must consult with your primary care physician.

A Final Word

Although many studies have indicated that CBD is quite effectual to treat some serious ailments. However, the fact is that only controlled quantities of CBD or other cannabinoids should be given to a patient and only after proper consultation with a doctor.

Furthermore, you should be well aware of all the CBD side effects that are mentioned in the article. This information will help you in making informed decisions.