The Increased Role of CBD in Athletics


An important distinction to note here is that according to Steve Singh  of NeuroEndoceuticals, one of the misconceptions about CBD hemp oil products is that CBD from hemp oil is less potent than cannabis oil or CBD oil made from medical marijuana.

The Increased Role of CBD in Athletics



While it is true that the percentage of CBD in hemp plants by dry weight is lower than the percentage of CBD in some specially bred hemp plants, once the oil is extracted from the plant, this difference becomes negligible.

CBD has been around in the world for thousands of years. It was commonly used by different civilizations for multiple reasons. For a long time, CBD was prohibited in the US. Many researches were active in trying to prove the benefits of using medical hemp extract. Now, there are 23 states along with District of Columbia that have removed the restriction on the hem plant. The restrictions were removed for medical conditions. Moreover, there 15 states that have passed laws that remove the prohibition on CBD.

The Increased Role of CBD in Athletics

Now, athletes have adopted the CBD trend. Irrespective of the training the athletes have, a mere incident can end their dream. They can get a serious injury with suffering and pain. Sometimes, an accident can result in an early retirement. In recent studies, it was found that healing of athletes and Cannabidiol (CBD) has direct relation. Is it true that Cannabidiol can heal millions of American athletes? In this article, we have talked about this in detail.

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Nowadays, the athletes and fitness fanatics have increased using the CBD. This is not limited to vaping hemp derived CBD oil before the BIG game. According to a study, hemp products are useful in decreasing the pain, muscle spasm and inflammation. It was also stated that hemp is helpful in improving sleeping patterns and reduction in nausea.

Moreover, hemp has a huge impact on your brain. CBD is not like THC which changes the chemistry of your brain, that leads to you wanting more  of the drug. However, hemp protects the neurological function of your brain. This increases the speed of healing after an injury. In order to benefit from CBD, it is essential that you take the correct amount of CBD. The use of CBD after the routine is very effective for reducing the injuries of athletes. This improves the healing process of the players so they can be back in the game.

Restrictions on Use of CBD in Competitions

One of famous martial artist competing in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is Nate Diaz. According to USADA, Nate has violated the anti-doping policy multiple times. After previous UFC fights, Diaz vaped hemp derived CBD oil in his press conference. It was reported that he was vaping on the stage. According to him, it was CBD that helps the athletes by speeding up the healing process and reducing inflammation. He also mentioned that CBD is taken before training, after training, and before and after fights.

Furthermore, the CBD is banned by the anti-doping policy of UFC. Though it is not a hormonal or anabolic agent, there are some areas where it is prohibited like in-competition. It is stated that CBD can be used six hours before and after the fight. However, Nate was using it within the timeframe. This is why it is believed that Nate has violated the anti-doping policy.

As of January 1st 2018, CBD or cannabidiol will be removed from the USADA’s list of banned substances for athletes, making it; for the first time ever accessible at all times to major professional athletes of all stages. (

Therefore, CBD is considered as a miracle cure. According to some studies, it was proved that CBD is helpful in treating schizophrenia and epilepsy. It was evident from the studies that CBD has much fewer side effects than THC. It was also found that CBD doesn’t lead to any psychoactivity like THC.