The history of Plant-based Pain treatment from poppy plant to HempCannabidiolCBD

Opioids are made from two different kinds of elements typically termed as Oxycodone and Hydrocodone. These homegrown poppies can be used to make even a certain tea that is used to treat muscle pain and headaches. On one hand, this drug has few effective properties but on the other hand, its history is quite controversial. This is the reason why many scientists worked on finding other plants that were less addictive. They were quite successful in extracting one from a cannabis plant. This drug was termed as Cannabidiol from the Hemp plant.

The Science of Hemp

With the passage of time, this plant has gained tremendous visibility. The fact is, it is the only known plant to date that contains different anti-psychotic components known as cannabinoids. Research has found out that this component has amazing pain relieving properties.

The human body contains this same component that is termed as endocannabinoids. In case, our body does not help in pain relief then cannabidiol, according to research may possibly be used as an effective alternative to reduce chronic pain. In addition to that, it has also been used to reduce inflammation and anxiety.

Specification of Hemp Plant

Many physicians agree that hemp has a number of medicinal properties, which also includes its ability to relieve pain.

In order to know more, let’s go back in history. The use of typical cannabis plants goes way back in 2700 BC. The hemp plant grows in most parts of the world. However, in the US it has been applied the most for medical purposes till 1941.

After that, the anti-drug crusader along with HenryAnslinger and Rockefeller family banned it with the help of the American Medical Association. This was mainly because their chemical and industrial interests were being threatened by its rising popularity!!!! Surprise surprise.

Cannabidiol as Schedule 1 Drug

The federal government classified hemp as a schedule 1 drug, which is a drug that is considered to have a high abuse potential. This is the reason why it became difficult for researchers to obtain permission in order to further study it. Despite this fact, there has been no report of a casualty from a cannabidiol overdose.


What Else?

Furthermore, according to research, CBD may also help to eliminate opioid withdrawal symptoms. Along with that, it also has shown to block the development of tolerating the effects in some opioid users.

A Final Word

The best way Cannabidiol is considered safe for medical purposes is that it does not create physically addictive effects.

It’s a fact that a cannabis plant has been medically used for a long time. Here, an important thing to note is that Cannabidiol still remains illegal at the federal level. However, along with the history of Cannabidiol mentioned above, it can possibly be considered safe when used as an effective medicine for pain relief. This natural and plant based medicine is quickly being shown to improve the quality of life of many individuals with pain.