CBD Oil – Opioid Abuse & Addiction due to Pain

CBD Oil is the Best Option for Opioid Abuse & Addiction

Everything You Need to Know About Why CBD Oil is the Best Option for Opioid Abuse & Addiction


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Many people suffering from heroin and other drug addictions get themselves infatuated with the use of Opioids. It is a medicine that prevents them from getting the withdrawal feeling caused after drug use. This addiction rises when our nervous system stops producing the endogenous Opioid in severe cases of drug abuse. In simpler terms, an endogenous Opioid in our body is a morphine-like substance that helps to numb the origin of pain produced as a result of an external injury. The absence of a natural Opioid is the main reason people get addicted to Opioid to achieve the same upshot and this increases the chance of Opioid abuse.

Effective Way to Treat Opioid Addiction
There are several ways you can treat Opioid addiction via unconventional methods. One of the most helpful remediation methods is using CBD oil. This component is found in hemp along with other Cannabinoids. Unlike Opoids, CBD does not create a stoned feeling. Instead, it helps to neutralize the euphoric effect that might be caused by a drug.

What’s More:
CBD Oil does really help with Opioid Abuse

Here’s How:
It can be effectively used for people who are experiencing the withdrawal syndrome. According to a study conducted by the University of Mississippi, CBD can be used to treat pain as it blocks the effect of an Opioid related addiction.

Another study has been conducted in the recent past between nicotine users and non-users. It showed there were clear signs of a decrease in nicotine use among addicted users due to CBD.
Practical Use

There is a treatment facility in Los Angeles that uses CBD to treat Opioid addiction. Around 80% patients found it better than other painkillers. A vast majority of 92% preferred only CBD to treat the Opioid abuse.

The Miracles of CBD in a Nut Shell
• Helps to diminish withdrawal symptoms.
• CBD oil is not psychoactive and that’s why it creates few to no side effects.
• Reduces Opioid craving.
• The Cannabinoids and Terpenes component seem to have amazing therapeutic properties to lessen the effect of Opioids.
• In addition to drug abuse, CBD can also be used to treat anxiety and insomnia inherent with the prior use of Opioids.

Possible Challenges:
Some scientists argue that there is still a need for more valid experiments on CBD before declaring it as the life-saving medicine. Along with that, its use also needs to be full legalized on both a Federal and State level where there are conflicts.

Final Thoughts
In the past, there has been much research that concluded that CBD could be an effective drug for Opioid abuse. The best part is that recent research findings also back previous results. In a recent study, the results concluded that cannabinoids helps to modulate the programming of the neural circuits that escalate Opioid addiction in a person. This is similar to what has been found in recent experiments as well. If that remained the case, there seems a very bright future for CBD to be used for the treatment Opioid abuse.

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