Neuro-Endoceuticals is a respected pioneer in premier, medical-grade, hemp-derived cannabidiol, CBD, and cannabigerol, CBG products. We are a leading-edge medical cannabis company dedicated to maintaining product purity, potency, and consistency. NeuroEndoceuticals is committed to pharmaceutical quality standards. Our products are tested in Colorado and manufactured using GMP, NSF and ISO certified processes. Proprietary High-CBD genetic strains and state-of-the-art filtering methods achieve 100% THC-free products, 0% THC, providing a completely non-psychoactive treatment option.

Neuro-Endoceuticals uses pesticide free U.S. grown organic, non-GMO industrial hemp that is registered with the Colorado State Department of Agriculture. The proprietary hemp plants are processed in cold, closed-loop, Supercritical CO2 extraction systems designed to yield the highest quality product. Neuro-Endoceuticals has developed a unique high quality line of CBD & CBG products for pain management health professionals. This highly potent line termed the Entourage Spectral Formulation™ targets chronic and extreme pain. This formulation builds on a line launched by our co-engineering formulator that is currently being stocked by physicians and healthcare practitioners in 39 states. Clinical trial data is indicating an even greater effectiveness of this improved formulation.

Neuro-Endoceuticals is dedicated to improving the lives of our customers. 

Our Flag Ship ZenExel ™  is guaranteed to be THC Free, Organic, Entourage Spectral Formulation ™, USA derived Hemp and is quickly being considered as the new standard in the Hemp Oil Industry as the World’s Finest Hemp Oil.

ZenExel ™ is the world’s first 15 mg CBD/0.5 mg CBG Ultra Premium Hemp Oil (patent pending). Research & Patients have shown it to be helpful with Pain Management.

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PSP – Progressive Supranuclear Palsy swallowing action

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The Increased Role of CBD in Athletics

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FDA Warns CBD Companies Over Unproven Healthcare claims

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  • 5 star review  I used the CBD in shatter form very smooth and effective i suffer from muscel pain i found this very relaxing in my muscle not a stoned forgetful feeling but very (body buzz) feeling

    thumb Benjamin Busby

    5 star review  I have a long history of neck and back pain related to playing football and wrestling throughout my college career. I recently took a road trip consisting of 24 straight hours in the car. Usually anything over 4 hours and I can expect to be laid up for at least a day and probably not be able to look left for a couple days. Upon arriving at my destination I used the Neuro Endoceuticals Oral Hemp Oil Tincture 15 mg/ml before bed and again in the morning. I felt like the Tin Man when Dorothy first oiled his joints. Pleasantly surprised is a gross understatement. In 2 doses I effectively eliminated the dread associated with any travel and I am looking forward to traveling home for the holidays. Cheers!

    thumb Mike Moore

    5 star review  I have occasional joint pain and have been using different brands of CBD for a few months, but wasn't sure it was working. Since I started using Neuro Endoceuticals CBD I can definitely feel the difference. The tincture helps with all over aches and pains, and the balm is great for hot spots.Thanks for this high potency CBD!

    thumb Rebecca Young Williamson

    5 star review  I love it! I have found so much relief with this product and my health issues from relief of pain, mental clarity and recovery time. I am now prescription free and loving it ��

    thumb Erika Kaye Cotto
  • 5 star review  I suffer from a herniated disk in my lower back. I can't stand or sit for long periods of time. The pain is unbearable and Doctors provide no relief. I tried the Ultra Premium 15 mg CBD/0.5 mg CBG Hemp oil trial size by NeuroEndoceuticals. One tincture full under my tongue in the morning, and one after dinner. My pain was relieved by 90% and my quality of life has returned and I'm finally virtually pain-free. I'm a customer for life!

    thumb Vincent Guidice

    5 star review  My friend Aswin turned me on to this product about 2 weeks ago I can't believe how well it works and makes me feel. I have had a lot of pain in my feet,back, and shoulder from engerys I have had in my past. He gave me a sample to try and with in 30 min it started working my body feels so much better I would recommend to all my friends and family and anyone who has pain daily

    thumb Stephen Stavris

    5 star review  Best CBD out there! Ive been using the CBD tincture for my back pain as a natural alternative to traditional pain meds. I quickly feel relief after use. Highly recommend!!

    thumb Michael Membrino

    5 star review  I am very impressed with these products!! Aswin came to our gym and explained his line of product and gave us samples! I have fractured ribs when I went to the hospital I told them I refuse to have pain pills that I had a solution!! Needless to say I use the tincture oil and balm for my ribs daily and it helps my pain as it heals!! Also it kicks a migraines ass instantly I'm talking about I had a migraine to two drops of tincture and the migraine was gone with them 3 minutes!!! I highly recromend thes products!! Oh and they are thc free meaning you can replace this with any narcotic your taking and pass a drug test!!!

    thumb Raymond Pell
  • 5 star review  Been using the products and love them. Excellent service and grateful the help the products are giving me.

    thumb Pete White

    5 star review  I am a professional MMA fighter and a brown belt in Jiu-Jitsu. I have been an athlete my whole life, playing soccer, running track and playing years of football. I have injuries from past Sports And I produce bumps, aches, bruises and worse injuries from my current MMA career. I started taking Neuro Endoceuticals and my injury recovery time has Ben amazingly better. Recently I had a knee injury where I got kicked outside my knee pretty bad. An injury Like that would have put me out of tough training for maybe a few weeks but with taking Neuro Endoceuticals I was only out for a few days !??????! 🙂 I also feel an improvement mentally, I feel sharper, more alert, clarity. I love this product! I see big things happening for Neuro Endoceuticals. Most importantly I see this product helping a lot of people. Thank you Aswin Suri & thank you Neuro Endoceuticals ! 🙂

    thumb Anderson Hutchinson

    5 star review  As a professional athlete, I have been looking for the best products to help me recover without getting super invested into supplements. With Neuro Endoceuticals I know I’m getting all natural products with no hidden additives. Products that actually WORK. Cbd is going to be huge in the short future and there’s no company around doing better. Thank you guys !

    thumb Michael Davis

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